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The Cafe

At FAROUT we offer a 130 seat, fully catered café focusing on healthy food and great coffee. It sits within clean, bright and modern surroundings with easy viewing of your kids while they play. Call today to book your table .

Our Menu
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Something for the Kids

Fresh or Toasted Sandwiches $3.50
White or Wholemeal (Gluten free option available)
Vegimite, cheese, ham, Jam, cream cheese

Fruit Toast with Butter $2.00

Fruit & Yoghurt Platter $5.50
Seasonal Fruit with Vanilla Yoghurt

Fruit Sticks $1.50 

Fruit Cup $2.50

Bowl of Chips
Small   $5.00   Large   $7.00 Gravy $1.00

Far Out Fun Box $7.50
Your choice of nuggets, fish fingers or fish
Served with chips, kids juice or slushie and lolly Bag

Nuggets & Chips $5.00

Fish Fingers & Chips $5.00

Kids Fish & Chips $5.50
Tartare Sauce $1.00

Fairy Bread
1 Serve $2.00
Plate (Four Serves) $6.00

Ice Cream
Served with your choice of topping
(chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, lime)
One Scoop $2.00
Two Scoops $3.00

Frog in the Pond $2.00


Something for the Grown Ups

Nachos $8.50
Served with Sour Cream

Wedges $6.00
Sour cream   $50c     Sweet Chilli      50c

Bowl of chips
Small $5.00 Large $7.00

Gravy $1.00

Fish and Chips $7.50
Tartare Sauce $1.00

Fruit, Cheese and Dip platter $14.00
Serves two (Gluten free option available)

Hot platter for 2 Mini dim sims,mini spring rolls,wedges,spinach & feta triangles $14.00

Egg & Bacon Muffin $4.50

Toasted Sandwiches $5.00
White or Wholemeal Bread
Ham & Cheese
Ham, cheese & Tomato
Chicken & Cheese

Focaccias $7.95
Turkey Brie & Cranberry
Chicken, brie and avocado
Egg and Bacon

Ham & Cheese Croissant $7.00

Fruit Toast $2.00
(Gluten Free Option Available)

Banana Bread $4.00
(Gluten Free Option Available)

Other options available in the cabinet.


Coffee Cup $3.80 Mug $4.50
Cappuccino, Latte, Flat White, mocha, macchiato, piccolo, long black
Espresso $3.00 Extra shot 40c

Bubbaccino $1.00
Marshmallows and sprinkles

Tea (Served in a mug) $3.00
English Breakfast, earl grey, chamomile, peppermint, green

Hot Chocolate         Cup $3.80      Mug $4.50

White Hot Chocolate         Cup $3.80      Mug $4.50

Your choice or Full cream, light or soy Milk
*40c extra for soy
Additional flavor shots 70c
Hazelnut, vanilla or caramel

Milkshakes $4.50
Made with ice-cream
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, lime, banana or caramel

Kids Milkshake $2.50

Smoothies $5.00
Banana or Berry Bliss
(Served with Milk, yoghurt, honey)

Iced Coffee $5.50

Iced Chocolate $5.50

Jugs of Cordial
Orange, Lime or Raspberry
Small $3.50 Large  $6.00

Cake cutting fee on table bookings $10 per booking .

Download our Menu